Apartment „Lamberti“

We have given ourselves the liberty of putting a bit of ecclesiastical lavender in the apartment “Lamberti” in honor of its namesake, St Lambert’s Church.

Since without bells tolling, Münster wouldn’t be what it is. This colorfully exciting flat has its own entrance through a side garden and its own terrace. The old town and market church, the Lamberti-Kirche, has some peculiar features. Attached to its steeple hang three cages as a reminder of Munster’s Anabaptist movement of 1535. In the evenings, three jack-o-lanterns burn on them as part of the installation „Drei Irrlichter“ from Lothar Baumgarten. Also every evening, the watch-woman of the tower of St. Lambert’s Church will blow her horn every half hour from 9 in the evening to midnight to signify that all is well. This old medieval tradition exists only in a few cities in Europe. Münster’s tower watch-woman, Martje Salje is the first woman in this office.

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