Stylish Living. Chic Accommodations. Prime Location.

Welcome to Boardinghouse Münster, conveniently located in the middle of old town Münster, directly on the Promenade and a stone’s throw away from the historical city hall (Rathaus), Prinzipal Market (Prinzipalmarkt) and Cathedral Plaza (Domplatz).

Seven exclusively furnished apartments with their own style and character are waiting for you beyond the historical sandstone façade. Discover the flair of this special city in every one of them. Come and find your favorite place with us in Münster! more...



The apartment “Kiepenkerl” with an open living and sleeping area is spacious and comfortable. The red accent of the furnishings references this special landmark of our city.


This bright and comfortable apartment “Drubbel” is for one or two guests and can be reached through a separate entrance from the main house. Light falls in from two 
directions on this corner apartment through lattice windows.


It isn’t as big as a whole courtyard but the apartment “Salzhof” (Salt Courtyard) offers versatile options in its spacious living and sleeping areas.


One can say that the Prinzipalmarkt is Munster’s best room in the house and the apartment “Prinzipal” is the best room in our house. Delftware tiles, historic sandstone elements and a wide lattice-windowed front give this apartment its exceptional character.


Our Boardinghouse lies directly on the “Promenade”, Münster’s greenbelt around the inner city. We have designed the apartment “Promenade”, its eat-in-kitchen and separate bedroom with nature themes and floral accents.

Prof. Landois

A unique apartment in a unique house. “Professor Landois” is a spacious apartment with its own terrace. Living, eating and sleeping areas are stylishly divided from one other.


We have given ourselves the liberty of putting a bit of ecclesiastical lavender in the apartment “Lamberti” in honor of its namesake, St Lambert’s Church. Since without bells tolling, Münster wouldn’t be what it is. This colorfully exciting flat has its own entrance through a side garden and its own terrace.

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