Apartment „Promenade“

Our Boardinghouse lies directly on the “Promenade”, Münster’s greenbelt around the inner city. We have designed the apartment “Promenade”, its eat-in-kitchen and separate bedroom with nature themes and floral accents. 

Münster’s esplanade originates from the fortification ring around the city. Bicyclists and pedestrians can enjoy the 4.5 km ring road exclusive of motor traffic.

The “Lindenallee” boulevard was built from the architect Johann Conrad Schlaun’s blueprints, the builder of our historical “Fürstbischöfliches” castle. There is a flea market several times a year one the esplanade in front of the castle. There is also a concert-event called Greenspace Conversation “Grünflächenunterhaltung” around the esplanade ring since 2007 with more than 150 artists.

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